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✅ Private practice, familial atmosphere
✅ Newborn care
✅ Screenings & check-ups 
✅ Vaccinations & travel medicine
✅ Natural medicine & homoeopathy

🕐 Monday to Friday 8.45 - 13h

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🗓 Simply call to arrange alternative appointments to suit your schedule, or request a home visit 🏡. 

Your situation is unique. So is the treatment your family deserves.

We are with you right from the start and offer appropriate care from premature babies all the way to young adults.


💌 Private practice & home visits

We dislike waiting times just as much as you do (and try to avoid them altogether). If you desire or require, we will even make home visits in a 20km radius (Kaiserswerth, Wittlaer, Kalkum, Meerbusch, Lohausen, Angermund, Huckingen und Ratingen).

👶 From newborn to adolescence

We are with you from the get-go and offer appropriate care for premature babies all the way to young adults. We also regularly include parents and siblings in the process (holistic family treatment).

🌱 Natural medicine & homoeopathy

We complement our offering with alternatives to conventional medicine for various diagnoses, including phytotherapy, symptom-related homeopathy and acupressure.

🏝 Vaccinations & travel medicine

Vaccinations according to "Stiko" (Vaccination Commission Germany) as well as advising on travel-related vaccinations are part of our daily work.

Screenings & aptitude tests

We offer the U2-U11 screenings, incl. neurological examination, language test, hearing test and eye test - as well as the J1 / J2 youth screenings and youth counseling.

💡 Psychotherapie for kids

Dr. Joel extends our offer to include hypnosis, asthma training and psychotherapy, focussing especially on anxiety, chronic pains or headaches, as well as problems with refusal to go to school or lack of self-esteem.

Further services: sports examinations, special-purpose health statements (e.g. for a year abroad, summer school, etc ...) | Ultrasound examinations of the hips, skull, abdomen, urinary tract, thyroid, etc. | Laboratory tests (blood, urine, stool, swabs, rapid test, allergy test) | Development tests, school entrance tests, intelligence tests | Travel medicine/advice | Nutritional advice | Pulmonary function test, measurement of oxygen saturation | EKG

As the services listed are not exhaustive, please do not hesitate to give us a call, to inquire about your particular needs. In case we can’t help, we’re also more than happy to refer you to great colleagues in our network.

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